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Rocking 711 Ranch Consigns Wagyu Seedstock Genetics To 7th Annual “Steaks Are High” Sale

2 1 On 2016 02 28 (2)

Rocking 711 Ranch has consigned entries to the April 23rd “Steaks Are High” Wagyu sale hosted by the Texas Wagyu Association and held in Salado, Texas.

Sale lots consigned  include:2-1 on 2016-02-28 (2)

  • 6 open, virgin Fullbood Wagyu heifers
  • 4 young virgin Fullbood Wagyu bulls
  • 2 high quality, proven Fullblood Wagyu donor cows
  • 2 embryo flushes from two of our top Fullblood Wagyu donor cows
  • 3 Fullblood Wagyu embryo lots consisting of 5 embryos each

For a complete listing of the auction consignments from Rocking 711 Ranch please see the individual items listed under “For Sale” on our website.

A list of the lots consigned to the auction:  Salado Steaks Are High Nominations-Lots

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The Rocking 711 Ranch, raising Wagyu cattle.

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