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We generally have Wagyu open heifers, as well as Wagyu bred cows and heifers available for sale.  And we can breed our available open Wagyu cows and/or heifers according to our customer’s requirement with semen from the customer’s bull of choice using artificial insemination and deliver the bred animals after confirmation of pregnancy.  All of our cows and heifers are guaranteed to be fertile, are tested negative for BVD-PI, are vaccinated with modified live virus BVD vaccine with “fetal protection”, and are brucellosis vaccinated. 

We raise unique, high end Wagyu cattle used for establishing new fullblood Wagyu herds and improving existing Wagyu herds.  We maintain a relatively large group of donor cows and flush them regularly, both to replicate our best genetics to improve our Wagyu herd, and in order to keep on hand a wide variety of frozen embryos that we make available to our clients.

We are from time to time willing to sell proven, flush-documented donor cows with successful flush histories.  While we don’t normally have these cows listed for sale, we have a large number of fullblood Wagyu donor cows and we are always willing to look at our inventory of donor cows and discuss a transaction with an interested customer.  We are willing to “lease” donor cows on a “per flush” basis so that the customer is able to flush the cow with desired bull semen in order to obtain desired offspring.  

We also have experienced and proven open and confirmed pregnant embryo “recipient” cows” available for sale.  

Give us a call to discuss your needs.

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