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VIDEO: The Japanese Wagyu Experience: Beyond Kobe Beef – John Daub

In this 10-minute video, John Daub, the producer of “Only In Japan” investigates Wagyu beef produced in the Tottori prefecture, which won the 2017 “Wagyu Olympics” held September 7th through 11th in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan, and compares this beef from Tottori prefecture to the famous Kobe beef.  In the video, John Daub tours a feed barn in the Mt. Daisen area near Yonago city, where Wagyu are fed in Tottori prefecture, discusses and shows the super docile temperament of Wagyu cattle.  He explores the fact that Wagyu from Tottori prefecture won the “best beef” completion at the 2017 “Wagyu Olympics”, but that the famed Kobe and Matsuzaka did not participate.  He also explores the principle of “Itadakimasu”, a term used in Japan to describe the way the Japanese respect and have gratitude for the food they eat, as well as the source and producer of the food.  He also explores different methods of preparing Wagyu.  A well done video, and an excellent use of 10 minutes of time for those who raise Wagyu cattle, or for anyone interested in Wagyu cattle or Wagyu beef.


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