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VIDEO: Japan: The Wagyu Mecca – 6/20/2016 by Joseph Decuis (8:40)

In this 8:40 video, Joseph Decuis explores the history of Wagyu cattle, Wagyu beef quality, how Wagyu are fed in Japan, and the quality of Wagyu beef.  Produced in part as a marketing video for Joseph Decuis, the video therefore contains promotional material related to the Joshep Decuis herd and Wagyu raising methods.  However, Joseph Decuis chief Pete Eshelman ensured that the video is packed with useful general information about the Wagyu breed and Wagyu beef.  Importantly, this video contains an extensive interviewing of Shogo Taekeda, a world-renown Wagyu breeder from Japan that moved to the United States with his herd of Wagyu, and then to Australia.  The video is visually appealing, with numerous shots of Wagyu cattle and Wagyu beef, some shot in Japan.


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