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The Production of High-Quality Beef with Wagyu Cattle – Smith – 11/4/2015

On 11/4/2015, Dr. Stephen B. Smith, Professor of Animal Science, Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science published the attached report titled “The Production of High-Quality Beef with Wagyu Cattle

This report contains a wealth of information, with sources cited, regarding the difference between Wagyu cattle and other breeds of cattle in terms of the quality of beef, and findings related to the quality of beef under various feeding methodologies.

From the “Conclusion” of the report:  “Wagyu cattle represent a unique breed type with a production history that distinguishes from the British, European, and Brahman breed types that typically are produced in the U.S. Meat produced from Wagyu cattle is highly marbled (Figure 28), and the fat contained within the steak is softer, with a nutritionally better blend of fatty acids. What is remarkable about Wagyu cattle is that they can produce carcasses that are highly marbled, with a high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids, even when fed hay- or pasture-based diets.”

See the attached detailed report.

The Production Of HIgh Quality Beef With Wagyu Cattle – Smith – 11-4-2015

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