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WK’s Shigeshigetani 1593 (FB2907) is a famous sire that is believed to have a high degree of propensity to transmit his characteristics to offspring.  He is bred from some of the most famous and highly regarded genetics exported from Japan, and has been well proven.  He is 75% Tajima line.  His offspring are born small but grow relatively rapidly, and grow to have a long body with good ribeye size.  Shigeshigetani’s offspring exhibit relatively rapid growth to relatively good size, which is impressive given the fact that his genetics are 75% Tajima line, which is known for being slower growing and achieving a smaller overall mature size. 

He is regarded as having very potent carcass quality genetics.  World K’s, his owner, reported that they fed 3800 F1 animals (50% Wagyu animals) to 540 days and that those animals achieved an average daily gain (ADG) of 2.156 lbs., that 90% of those animals graded 9+ on the Australian scale (3 full grades above the USDA’s highest grade of Prime), and that remaining 10% graded between 7 and 9 on the Australian scale, which would equate to USDA Prime+ to Prime++.  If true, this shows that Shigeshigetani has a very powerful ability to transmit outstanding marbling characteristics to his offspring in a very consistent manner.

His pedigree contains Yasumi Doi  (sire of his famous sire Monjiro) as well as Yasutani Doi (paternal grandsire of his dam Suzutani) bloodlines, and he carries the Kumanami strain as well (through Suzunami on maternal side of his dam, Suzutani). The Kumanami family is know for its extremely potent marbling genes, and is perhaps the primary reason that Shigeshigetani’s dam Suzutani is generally regarded as the best carcass female to have left Japan.

He is a half brother to the famous carcass bull Sanjirou (who shares the same dam, Suzutani, but who has a different sire, Michifuku).  Shigeshigetani’s sire, Haruki 2, is sired by the famous Monjiro (sired by Yasumi Doi), who also sired the famous Michifuku, so Shigeshigetani and Sanjiro share 75% same genetics.

His most famous progeny is probably BR Shigeshigetani 30T, which has been well proven, and which some believe is possibly superior to Shigeshigetani in at least some respects.

DNA Tests:  Tested free of the known genetic recessive disorders;  SCD=VA;  Tenderness=3.

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