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Because the Wagyu herd we have been building with our embryo transfer program has grown substantially over the past several years, we are going to be reducing the size of our non-Wagyu recipient cow herd.  We currently have over 200 high quality, proven recipient cows available starting in October 2018.  These recipient cows will be open and ready for breeding or embryo transfer.

We purposely did not turn in a clean-up bull with the recipient cows we transferred embryos into in the Spring of 2018 because we wanted to be able to wean their calves and sell those recipient cows that were open (the roughly 50% of the cows that did not accept the transferred embryo).  87 of the 200 cows are black color.  104 are red color.  The remaining are blonde or brindle color.  They are mostly Brangus or Angus+, and some are registered Red Brangus.  Ages range from 5-years to over 10-years old.  Almost all are either black or red color, sometimes with a small amount of white on the udders, and a very few are blonde color.  43 of the 200 are registered Red Brangus, registered with either the IBBA or ABBAWe cull hard based docility, fertility and the ability and history of the cow to accept an embryo and raise a good calf, as well as docility.  These cows would not be on our ranch as recipient cows if they were not good cows.

We are pricing these open recipient cows reasonably at $800 to $1,200 based on age and breeding history as a recipient cow.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW A 13-MINUTE HD VIDEO OF MANY OF THESE COWS The cows in this video vary in body condition due to the fact that some are currently nursing large calves, which draws them down, and some have been dry for several months, which has allowed them to recover some of their body condition since raising their last calf.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW A PRICE LIST IN PDF FILE FORMAT.  This file shows all of the recipient cows we will be selling over the upcoming year, some of which are currently open, some of which are currently pregnant carrying one of our Wagyu embryos, and some of which are currently exposed, having had a Wagyu embryo transferred into them in mid-June, and which require a pregnancy check later in September to determine if they are open or pregnant.  We expect approximately 50% of the exposed cows to be open since the average conception rate for embryo transfers is approximately 50%.  After we pregnancy check the currently exposed cows we will update the list of available cows to reflect their pregnancy and availability status.

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