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our-wagyuRocking 711 Ranch is uniquely situated for raising Wagyu cattle, located on prime farmland that is similar in terms of latitude, elevation, temperature and rainfall as that of Hyogo prefecture in Japan, where the Wagyu cattle of “Kobe Beef” fame are produced.

We are striving to use our ranch property to raise Wagyu cattle in a humane, natural and sustainable manner while also maintaining a pristine wildlife environment.

Embryo transfer and artificial insemination technologies are utilized to rapidly improve our Wagyu herd by breeding only top sires and dams.


We raise both Black Wagyu as well as Red Wagyu, and we utilize genetics from both in our attempt to continuously improve the Wagyu breed.

We feed our Wagyu cattle in a natural manner, allowing the cattle to achieve as close as possible a diet that nature designed. We raise and sell genetics in the form of bull semen and embryos as well as seed stock bulls and heifers. We also feed Wagyu cattle destined to become beef, always hormone-free, antibiotic-free and utilizing a pasture-raised environment.

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