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We usually have up to several dozen or more finished/fat Wagyu steers ready (or almost ready) for harvest, and we offer these in trailer-load lots or as single animals for custom processing by the customer.  And we are happy to transport animals to the processing plant for our customers.  We generally have 100% fullblood Wagyu, F1 (50% Wagyu genetics) as well as F2 (3/4 Wagyu genetics) finished steers available.

We price our finished steers based upon  the current market price, which fluctuates.  Because Wagyu cattle, compared to cattle of other breeds, are born smaller and grow slower, and because we finish our Wagyu beef steers using a higher roughage, slower growth feeding methodology (similar to that used in Japan), which enhances the level of marbling and the quality of the marbling, our cost to raise and finish Wagyu cattle is higher compared to the cost for other breeds of cattle.  We charge a premium “per lb. live weight” over current commercial finished/fat cattle prices.  In our area in Texas, most buyers and sellers negotiate pricing using as a basis the near-term “Live Cattle” futures prices, and add a negotiated premium “per lb.” to such price, which premium varies based upon a number of factors as described below.  You can find information on current prices and recent trends for commercial live (fat/finished) cattle at this LINK TO THE CME GROUP LIVE CATTLE PAGE.

The premium above commercial, non-Wagyu finished “live cattle prices” varies based upon a number of factors including the percentage of Wagyu genetics (100%, vs. 75% vs. 50%).  As of mid-2018, the premium above commercial live cattle prices for F1/50% Wagyu finished steers in Texas has been in the range of $0.40 per lb. to $0.50 per lb. live weight.  The premium is slightly higher (around $0.10 per lb. higher) for 3/4 (75%) Wagyu genetics finished steers.  The premium is meaningfully higher for 100% fullblood Wagyu finished steers, particularly if the steers are DNA parent verified and registered with the American Wagyu Association, in which case the steers are not typically priced at a “premium to commercial prices” and which prices have recently been in the range of $4.00 to $6.00 per lb. live weight.

All of our finished Wagyu cattle are born on our ranch, raised on our ranch, and finished on our ranch.  We feed an all-natural (no growth hormones or steroids or other unnatural growth promoters, and no antibiotics).  Our finishing ration is designed to be similar to the finishing ration typically used in Japan, which is a higher roughage grain-based ration that results in slower daily gains, which has been proven to result in higher levels of marbling and higher quality (lower melting-point) marbling fat for Wagyu.

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