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Washington State University National Wagyu Sire Summaries

Washington State University (“WSU”), under the direction of Dr. Charlie Gaskins, has performed several “National Wagyu Sire Summary” progeny tests and published the results of such tests.  EPDs have been generated based upon the results of these progeny tests.  These reports provide very useful information on the marbling, ribeye area and external fat characteristics of many popular Wagyu sires.  See the attached reports.

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Genetics of Marbling in Wagyu Revealed by the Melting Temperature of Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Lipids

This research paper, originally published in the International Journal of Food Science, provides a wealth of scientific information regarding the higher quality of lipids in beef from Wagyu and Wagyu-influenced cattle.


Extreme marbling or intramuscular deposition of lipid is associated with Wagyu breeds and is therefore assumed to be largely inherited. However, even within 100% full blood Wagyu prepared under standard conditions, there is unpredictable scatter of the degree of marbling. Here, we evaluate melting temperature (Tm) of intramuscular fat as an alternative to visual scores of marbling. We show that “long fed” Wagyu generally has Tm below body temperature but with a considerable range under standardized conditions. Individual sires have a major impact indicating that the variation is genetic rather than environmental or random error.

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