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We offer Wagyu beef in the Houston metro area to restaurants, butcher shops, grocery stores and to individuals in “family pack” boxes.  All of our beef is from Wagyu steers that were born, raised on pasture, and grain finished in a small pasture on our ranch.  We never use sub-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones or other artificial growth promotants.  All of our beef is processed under our label at a USDA-inspected processing facility.

We offer beef that is from steers that are 100% fullblood Wagyu, 75% Wagyu genetics (F2), and 50% Wagyu genetics (F1).  The quality, in terms of marbling and flavor, improves as the percentage of Wagyu genetics in the steer improves, and with the amount of time spent in a final finishing feeding environment.  The cost of producing (and therefore the price) also increases with the percentage Wagyu genetics and time on feed.  

At this time we do not have online ordering capability.  We publish here information about our beef products, our current price list, and information about how to order our beef, but currently orders must be placed either by email or by phone.  We deliver orders at no charge on a weekly basis in the Houston metropolitan area only.   

There are pros and cons associated with buying directly from the producer.  Benefits include knowing where your beef came from, how it was raised and fed, the genetics of the animal, and you are supporting the local farm/ranch community.  The downside is that you are dealing directly with the producer, not a grocery store or food distributor, and therefore we have a limited supply of product and sometimes run out of certain items, so doing business with us is not as convenient as shopping at the local grocery store.  But hopefully our quality and prices compensate for that! 

Click here to view our current Wagyu beef price list.  We try to price our Wagyu beef products competitively for comparable product.  We deliver orders of $250 or more free of delivery charge within the Houston metro area.

We also offer pre-boxed “Beef Boxes” of 30 to 50 lbs. of beef, which include a variety of cuts + ground beef, and which we price at a minimum 15% discount compared to our individual cuts price list, with no minimum order size and no delivery charge within the Houston metro area.  Click here to learn more about our discounted, pre-packaged “Beef Boxes”.

If you would like to place an order, or if you have questions, please call or email to discuss your needs.

(713) 412-0129  or 

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