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About Rocking 711 RanchThe Rocking 711 brand is utilized by a family of agricultural/ranching operations.

The main ranch consists of 3,000 acres of prime coastal Texas farmland located in northwest Jackson County. We’re approximately 15 miles north of Edna, Texas—a short 90 minute drive southwest from Houston.

We breed and raise Wagyu cattle, utilizing top Wagyu genetics, artificial insemination and embryo transfer to perform continuous herd improvement. Our goal is to raise animals that produce the best possible quality beef.

The current herd consists of approximately 800 head, including fullblood Wagyu cattle, Wagyu/Angus cross cattle as well as recipient cows utilized for embryo transfer to produce fullblood Wagyu calves from embryos.

We strive to raise our Wagyu cattle in a healthy, humane, sustainable manner and we’re passionate about leaving the land in better condition than when we arrived.

Rocking 711 Wagyu

Both Black Wagyu and Red Wagyu are bred here on the ranch. We sell Wagyu genetics, including live animals for breeding stock as well as bull semen and embryos utilized by other Wagyu breeders as seedstock to start, grow and improve their Wagyu herds.

Wagyu animals destined to become fine Wagyu beef are also fed out to maturity. Our naturally pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free Wagyu beef is sold to restaurants, meat markets and individuals, and we work hard to cultivate a sustainable farm-to-market operation raising top-quality beef.


Rocking 711 Deer

We have a great appreciation for the land and for our cattle. We treat both with the utmost respect—striving to balance a sustainable cattle operation with a wildlife-friendly habitat.  It is our goal to utilize methods that will continuously improve wildlife habitat to assure that the abundant wildlife on the ranch will continue to thrive, and even grow.

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